UBC Department of Mathematics
Colloquium - 2010/2011

Contacts:    Zinovy Reichstein  and Young-Heon Kim.
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date speaker affiliation title
Fri 10 Sep, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Christoph Hauert  UBC

Cooperation in Social Dilemmas: Punishment and Volunteering in Public Goods Games
Fri 24 Sep, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
(PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium)
John Coates 
Cambridge University   Non-commutative Iwasawa theory
Fri 1 Oct, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Andrew Rechnitzer UBC
Counting polygons and knot probability ratios
Fri 8 Oct, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
(PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium)
Alexander Merkurjev 
(PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium) Essential Dimension of Algebra
Fri 15 Oct, 3:00pm
Department Colloquium
MATX 1100
Malabika Pramanik UBC
Maximal operators and differentiation theorems on sparse sets
Fri 22 Oct, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Omer Angel UBC
Many forms of exclusion
Thu 28 Oct, 4:00pm
WMAX 110 (note speical time and location)
U.C. Irvine Modeling and simulation of nanocrystalline materials
Fri 29 Oct, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Greg Martin UBC
Anatomy of the multiplicative group
Fri 5 Nov, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Ivar Ekeland
The inverse function theorem
Wed 10, Nov, 1:30pm
WMAX 110 (note special time and location)
Eliot Fried McGill (Department of Mechanical Engineering) Some features and challenges of the Navier--Stokes-alpha-beta equation
Fri 12 Nov, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Andrew Granville Montreal
A pretentious approach to analytic number theory
Wed 17 Nov, 3:00pm
WMAX 110 (note special time and location)
Bell Labs
Reducing delay with coding in (mobile) multi-agent information transfer
Fri 19 Nov, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Gunther Uhlmann University of Washington 30 Years of Calder\'on's Problem
Thu 25 Nov, 4:00pm 
Jie Shen Purdue University Phase-field models for multiphase complex fluids: modeling, numerical analysis and simulations
Fri 26 Nov, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
Louis Nirenberg
Courant Institute (NYU)
Special PIMS Distinguished Lecture
"Remarks on singular solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations"
Fri 3 Dec, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
(PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium)
Ronald Graham UCSD
The combinatorics of solving linear equations

  Spring 2011 SCHEDULE
date speaker affiliation title
Wed 12 Jan, 3:00pm 
WMAX 110
Asaf Nachmias

MIT Arm exponents in high-dimensional percolation
Fri 14 Jan, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
(PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium)
Alexander Razborov Univeristy of Chicago
Computer Science
(PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium)TBA
Wed 19 Jan, 3:00pm Allan Sly

Wed 26 Jan, 3:00pm
WMAX 110
Lionel Levine

Fri 28 Jan, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
  Dong Li

University of Iowa

Fri 11 Feb, 3:00pm MATX 1100
Gunter Stolz University of Alabama at Birmingham TBA
Fri 11 Mar, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
(Special PIMS Lecture)

Special PIMS Lecture
Fri 18 Mar, 3:00pm
MATX 1100
(PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium)
Gregory Forest U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PIMS/UBC distinguished colloquium)TBA