Math 523 Section 201
Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization
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Happy New Year.

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Our class is scheduled 11-12 MWF in MATH 225. On Friday Jan 7 we had the 2 hour lecture summary of MATH 340. Hope it was helpful but feel free to ask questions. Some of the material is posted on my MATH 340 website. I will be missing 3 wednesday meetings (Jan 19, Feb 23, Mar 30) and will have to reschedule for those times.

  • Course Outline: grading etc. 
  • Assignment 1 due Monday Jan 24.  
  • Assignment 2 due Monday Feb 7.  
  • Assignment 3 due Friday Feb 25.  
  • Assignment 4 due Friday Mar 18.  
  • Assignment 5 due Wednesday April 6.  
  • Network Flow algorithm published in Operations Research vol 41 (1993), 338-350  
  • Weighted Matching algorithm using the primal dual algorithm described in Papadimitriou and Steiglitz but with a more useful example. The example in the book does not require blossoms and so could be solved by a minimum cost flow problem on the associated `bipartized' graph.  
  • Fractional to Integral Strategy We show that solving minimum cost flow problem on the associated `bipartized' graph enables one to obtain quite a reasonable solution to the weighted graph problem. In this case I have phrased it in terms of f-factors.  
  • A comic for your amusement. There must be many others of course.