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Math 110 - Weekly Workshops

The weekly problem-solving workshops are an integral part of MATH 110. During a workshop, students have the opportunity to work in groups on challenging math problems, where calculus concepts and techniques discussed in lectures are applied to problems.

What are the goals of the workshops?

The main goals of the workshops are:
(1) acquire good practices in problem solving,
(2) learn how to work effectively in groups,
(3) learn how to apply mathematical techniques covered in lectures.

How are the workshops organized?

The workshops are run by graduate and undergraduate Teaching Assistants, who will facilitate stundents' work as well as assign marks for their work.

Each workshop is 90 minutes long and is in three parts. The first part is a "toy problem" which motivates the main problem and provides opportunities for bonus marks. The second part is a short lecture introducing the goals of that week's workshop and the key calculus ideas needed to work through the main problem. The third and main part is an extended problem. Students work at the blackboard in groups of 3 to 5 people. Groups are formed early in the term and work together throughout the semester. Solutions to the main problem must be presented fully on the board by each group, and each group member is expected to be able to answer questions related to their group solution. Each week complete solutions to the workshop problems will be posted below at week's end.

How are the workshop marks assigned?

Attendance and participation in the workshop activities are mandatory. Latecomers will have marks deducted at the discretion of the TA. If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late, he or she will not be allowed to participate. Furthermore, everyone is expected to take an ACTIVE role in group work. If a student is not engaged in doing mathematics or does not participate in their group discussions, marks will be deducted at the discretion of the TA.

Workshops will be grade out of 10. Five marks will be given for participation. The remaining five marks will be given for the solution to the main problem. To get all five marks, solutions must be written in full sentences and in a logic order, and presented in a way that involves the entire group. Workshop grade accounts for 13% of a student's final grade.