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Math 110 - Course Resources

WeBWorK: This is the online homework system used in the course. Answers to homework questions become available after the due date. After the due date, you can still rework a problem and submit an answer for feedback as many times as you like.

Textbook: The required textbook is Contemporary Calculus by Dale Hoffman. This is an online textbook available for free under the Creative Commons license. You are encouraged to download a copy from the link above; you may also print it out if you wish.

The course covers the first three chapters of the textbook, however some of the textbook sections are not relevant to this course. Specifically, you are NOT responsible for the material in the following sections of the textbook: section 0.1: all (although I recommend you read this introductory section for your own interest); section 0.2: Angles between Lines, Angle Formed by Intersecting Lines; section 0.4: Iteration of Functions, the Greatest Integer Function, A Really "Holey" Function; section 0.5: all; section 1.2: Comparing the limits of functions; List method for showing that a limit does not exist; section 1.3: Bisection Algortihm for approximating roots; section 1.4: all; section 2.3: A Really "Bent" function; section 2.5: Parametric equations; section 2.7: all; section 2.8: Relative error and percentage error, the differential of f.

Supplemental Notes: A few topics discussed in this course are not included in the textbook. Here is a list of resources to help you to review these topics.

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