Optimal, Integral, Likely

Optimization, Integral Calculus, and Probability for Students of Commerce and the Social Sciences

Prepared by Bruno Belevan, Parham Hamidi, Nisha Malhotra, and Elyse Yeager
Adapted from CLP Calculus by Joel Feldman, Andrew Rechnitzer, and Elyse Yeager
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Optimal, Integral, Likely is a free, open-source textbook intended for UBC's course MATH 105: Integral Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences. It is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The source files can be found on GitLab: https://gitlab.math.ubc.ca/ecyeager/OIL.

Most content is remixed from CLP-1 and CLP-2 by Feldman, Rechnitzer, and Yeager. New content includes applications, primarily to economics, written by Belevan, Hamidi, Malhotra, and Yeager. The chapter on probability was prepared by Belevan, Hamidi, Malhotra, and Yeager and incorporates some content from Introductory Statistics by Ilowski and Dean. More detailed information can be found in the text.


To report errors or for additional information, please contact Elyse Yeager at elyse@math.ubc.ca.

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