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Advice pages

Assignments do not commute .mws file
Assume doesn't affect solve .mws file
Automatic simplification and evalf .mws file
Can Maple be trusted? .mws file
Changing assumptions and names .mws file
Declaring the type of an argument .mws file
Defining functions .mws file
E is not defined .mws file
Errors in symbolic integration .mws file
Exact vs. floating-point computations .mws file
Finding a bug .mws file
Forcing floating-point arithmetic .mws file
Fractional powers of negative numbers .mws file
Gamma function is GAMMA .mws file
Greek letters and other symbols in plots .mws file
Greek letters, upper and lower case .mws file
Heaviside(0) undefined .mws file
How many contours? .mws file
Last name evaluation .mws file
Obtaining properties of objects .mws file
One level evaluation for local variables .mws file
Pi is not pi .mws file
Picking out members of a solution set .mws file
Plotting a sequence of points .mws file
Plotting functions vs expressions .mws file
Plotting in procedures .mws file
Plotting to a file or a printer .mws file
Positive does not include 0 .mws file
Real values for a RootOf .mws file
Reordering an expression .mws file
Roundoff error .mws file
Singularities in piecewise functions .mws file
Solving equations involving numerical integration .mws file
sqrt(-1) is I .mws file
The differences between cat and dot .mws file

Bug fixes

DEplot bugs .mws file
Forgetting a single value .mws file
Integrals involving fractional powers .mws file
Patchlevel 1 .mws file
Problems with unapply .mws file
The 1-norm of a vector .mws file
Two-dimensional plots with coords .mws file

Error and warning messages

Error: attempting to assign to ... which is protected .mws file
Error: cannot assume on a constant object .mws file
Error: cannot evaluate boolean .mws file
Error: division by zero .mws file
Error: ... expects its ... argument, ..., to be of type ..., but received ... .mws file
Error: (in limit) invalid directional argument .mws file
Error: invalid arguments .mws file
Error: object too large .mws file
Error: too many levels of recursion .mws file
Error: unknown or bad optional argument .mws file
Error: ... value in loop must be numeric or character .mws file
Error: variables must be unique and of type name .mws file
Error: wrong number (or type) of arguments .mws file
Plotting error, empty plot .mws file
Plotting error, invalid FONT specification .mws file
Plotting error, no plot device driver for ... .mws file
Syntax error: missing operator or ; .mws file
Syntax error: ... unexpected .mws file
Warning: ... is implicitly declared local .mws file
Warning: new definition for ... .mws file
Warning: premature end of input .mws file
Warning: recursive definition of name .mws file

Functions and commands

&^ - elementary fractional powers .mws file source file .m file
allsolve - all solutions of an equation on an interval .mws file source file .m file
changecoords2d - change coordinate systems in a 2d plot .mws file source file
chart - show a table of function values .mws file source file .m file
clear - selective forgetting .mws file source file .m file
errorbar - plot with error bars .mws file source file .m file
factrix - take out common scalar factors from a matrix or vector
.mws file source file .m file
flatten - entries of a structure involving lists, sets, or arrays .mws file source file .m file
gmax - maximum of an expression on a real interval
gmin - minimum of an expression on a real interval
.mws file
.mws file
source file .m file
inequalities - plot region defined by inequalities .mws file source file .m file
kronprod - Kronecker product of matrices and/or vectors .mws file source file .m file
splitup - break up an integral, sum or product .mws file source file .m file
surfarro package .mws file source file special instructions
  -   arrow2d - plot arrow as line in 2d with triangular head .mws file
  -   arrow3d - plot arrow as line in 3d with pyramidal head .mws file
  -   curvarrows - plot curve with arrows from a vector field .mws file
  -   surfarrows - plot surface with arrows from a vector field .mws file
tools/gensym - produce a homonym .mws file (part of Maple)
vnapply - make function from expression and arguments (replacement for unapply) .mws file source file .m file