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Title Co-authors Journal  Year  Also available / Remarks
24 A General Framework for Equivariant Neural Networks on Reductive Lie Groups Ilyes Batatia, Mario Geiger, Jose Munoz, Tess Smidt, Christoph Ortner NeurIPS 2023 2023   arXiv:stat.ML/2306.00091
22 The topology of Baumslag-Solitar representations Maxime Bergeron J. Topol. Anal. v. 30 no. 11, 87–99 2021   arXiv:math.GT/1902.04046
21 Singularities of Intertwining Operators and Decompositions of Principal Series Representations Taeuk Nam, Avner Segal J. Lie Theory v. 30 no. 4 2020   arXiv:math.RT/1811.00803
20 Entropy bounds and quantum unique ergodicity for Hecke eigenfunctions on division algebras Akshay Venkatesh CRM Special year proceedings 2019   arXiv:math.NT/1606.02267
19 Volumes of Hyperbolic Three-Manifolds Associated with Modular Links Alexandre Brandts-Longtin, Tali Pinsky Symmetry v. 11 no. 10 art. 1206 2019   arXiv:math.GT/1705.04760
18 An upper bound for the volumes of complements of periodic geodesics Maxime Bergeron, Tali Pinsky IMRN 2019 no. 15, 4707–4729 2017   arXiv:math.GT/1412.2446
17 Homogeneous length functions on groups D.H.J. Polymath Algebra & Number Theory v. 12 no. 7, 1773–1786 2018   arXiv:math.GR/1801.03908 ; further information was posted to the Polymath Wiki
16 Scarring of quasimodes on hyperbolic manifolds Suresh Eswarathasan Nonlinearity v. 31 no. 1 2017   arXiv:math.AP/1609.04912
14 A Note On Nilpotent Representations Maxime Bergeron J. Group Theory v. 19 no. 1, 125–135 2016   arXiv:math.AT/1501.04357
13 Gaussian measures on the of space of Riemannian metrics Brian Clarke, Dmitry Jakobson, Niky Kamran, Jonathan Taylor, Yaiza Canzani Ann. Math. QuĂ©. v.39 no.2, 129–145 2015   arXiv:math.DG/1309.1348
12 Quantum Unique Ergodicity on Locally Symmetric Spaces: the Degenerate Lift   Canad. Math. Bull. v.58 no.3, 632–650 2015   arXiv:math.RT/1104.0074 ; General version of the lift in [4]
11 A uniform spectral gap for congruence covers of a hyperbolic manifold Dubi Kelmer Amer. J. Math. v.135 no.4, 1067–1085 2013   arXiv:math.NT/1010.1010
10 A Haar component for quantum limits on locally symmetric spaces Nalini Anantharaman Israel J. Math. v.195 no.1, 393–447 2013   arXiv:math.GR/1009.4927
9 PoincarĂ© inequalities, embeddings and wild groups Assaf Naor Compos. Math. v.147 no.5, 1546–1572 2011   arXiv:math.GR/1005.4084
8 Finding minimal permutation representations of finite groups Ben Elias and Ramin Takloo-Bighash Exp. Math. v.19 no.1, 121–128 2010   arXiv:math.GR/0705.4122
7 Groups not acting on manifolds David Fisher IMRN 2008 no.16, Art. ID rnn60 2008   arXiv:math.GR/0801.0875
6 Arithmetic quantum chaos on locally symmetric spaces (advisor: Prof. Peter Sarnak) Ph.D. Thesis
(Princeton University)
2005   pdf ; see here for "part of the tree" argument for positive entropy.
4 Quantum Unique Ergodicity for Locally Symmetric Spaces Akshay Venkatesh GAFA v.17 no.3, 960–998 2007   pdf ; ps ; arXiv:math.RT/0407413  
3 Addendum to "Random Walk in Random Groups"   GAFA v.13 (2003) no.1, 147–177 2003  (with minor corrections) pdf ; ps  
2 Cosmological Density and Power Spectrum from Peculiar Velocities: Nonlinear Corrections and Principal Component Analysis Avishai Dekel, Amiram Eldar and Idit Zehavi ApJ 557 no. 1, 102–116 2001   arXiv:astro-ph/0101361
1 Cosmological Density and Power Spectrum from Peculiar Velocities: Principal Component Analysis and Nonlinear Effects (advisor: Prof. Avishai Dekel) B.Sc. Thesis
(Hebrew University)
2000   ps

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