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Ozgur Yilmaz


Ph.D., Princeton University (2001) (Applied and Computational Math.)

B.Sc., Bogazici University (1997) (Mathematics and Electrical Eng.)



Interim Deputy Director, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, 2021-2022

Deputy Director, Banff International Research Station (BIRS), 2019-2020

Associate Head, Research, Mathematics, UBC, 2018-2019

Professor, Mathematics, UBC, 2014 - present

Associate Professor, Mathematics, UBC, 2009-2014

Assistant Professor, Mathematics, UBC, 2004-2009

Avron Douglis Lecturer, Mathematics, University of Maryland, College Park, 2002-2004

Postdoc, Prog. in Appl. and Comp. Math, Princeton University, 2001-2002
AT&T Labs-Research , Shannon Laboratory, Florham Park, NJ (Summer 2000)

Siemens Corp. Research , IASP, Princeton, NJ (Summer 1999)


Other affiliations

Data Science Institute (DSI), UBC

Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM), UBC

Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS), UBC



UBC Data Science Institute PDF Grant on “A deep learning approach to analyzing retinal imaging for medical diagnosis and prediction” (Co-PI) (2020-2021)

PIMS CRG on "High Dimensional Data Analysis" (Co-PI) (2018-2021)

NSERC Discovery Grant on "Compressed sensing and related areas: bridging theory with practice" (PI) (2017-2022)

UBC Data Science Institute PDF Grant on “From heuristics to guarantees: the
mathematical foundations of algorithms for data science ”. (Co-PI) (2017-2018)

NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement (PI) (2012-2014)

NSERC Discovery Grant on "Frames, quantization, and compressed sensing" (PI) (2011-2016)

PIMS CRG on Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (Co-leader) (2011-2013)

NSERC CRD Grant "Dynamic non-linear optimization for imaging in seismic exploration II" (Co-PI) (2009-2016)

NSERC CRD Grant "Dynamic non-linear optimization for imaging in seismic exploration" (Co-PI) (2006-2008)

NSERC Discovery Grant on "Approximation Theory of Quantization of Redundant Expansions" (PI) (2005-2010)