What is an arbelos?
Properties of an arbelos
        Distances and areas
        Archimedes' circles
        Apollonius circle
        Bankoff circle
        Pappus chain

Stephen Tan
Dec 16, 2005
Math 308 by Dr. Bill Casselman
Final Project

An arbelos - or, an arbelos as Archimedes called it - means a "shoemaker's knife" in Greek. This was appropriate, as it resembled the knives used by ancient cobblers and leather workers. (Weisstein, 2005)
Archimedes was believed to be the first mathematician to study the mathematical properties of this intriguing shape. However, the arbelos also attracted the attention of many famous mathematicians such as Descartes, Fermat, and Newton. (What Is, 2005)
It is also noted that the location of the central notch is arbitrary. (Archimedes Book, 2005)