Colin B. Macdonald

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Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics
The University of British Columbia

email: cbm[at] or cbm[at]
office: LSK 303c

Previous positions
Associate Professor (2014–2015, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
University Lecturer (2009–2014, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
Tutorial Fellow (2009–2015, Oriel College, University of Oxford)
Postdoc (2008–2009, UCLA Math Dept with Dr. Stan Osher)
Ph.D. (SFU, 2008, with Steve Ruuth)
M.Sc. (SFU, 2003, with Steve Ruuth)
B.Sc. (Acadia University, 2001, with Ray Spiteri)



Current and past teaching includes

Research Team

Most recently I've worked with Ingrid von Glehn, Yujia Chen, and Tom März. See more information about my group including opportunities for students.

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Research Interests

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My LaTeX page.

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101 Illustrated Analysis Bedtime Stories: the story of “epsilon-Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem”.

I use Free Software
GNU Mascot
Numerical computing
in SciPy and NumPy
Eliminate DRM!
Defective by design
I choose to
innovate without
software patents.