This page is mostly for my own benefit, but I've put in a few words of explanation for all the links I included.

  • Chor Leoni is an excellent Vancouver-based lower voice choir that I'm a member of, classical in nature although we perform lots of recent compositions.
  • Amazin' Blue is a coed a cappella group I was a member of when I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan from 1995-97. Similarly, Mixed Company is a coed a cappella group I was a member of when I was an undergraduate at Stanford University from 1988-92. Both groups still exist of course, with their memberships constantly renewing themselves.

    There are hundreds of these modern a cappella groups at universities and colleges in the United States (and a few in Canada and several in US high schools); most of the repertoire is songs you would hear on the radio today. If you haven't heard any of this music, you're in for a treat - go to either group's web site and find some of the sound bites from their albums.

  • For no particular reason, I made a list of the arrangements I did for these and other a cappella groups, as well as for Chor Leoni.
  • Rhythm City Productions is the company that organizes Vancouver's Thursday swing dances as well as swing dance lessons at all levels with excellent teachers. I can't tell you how much fun I find Lindy hop.