Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Homework assignments:

  • Homework and activities for Week 4:

    Your main activity will be to decide on a topic for your project

  • Here are some Tips for your project presentation.
  • Some optional sets of Homework. NOTE: It is not expected that you will have time to do these before the course ends. These are provided as additional material to support your learning of the concepts in the future. However, submitting some of this HW by June 1 will be credited towards your course grade.

Lectures and Course Material

You can find the topics covered, lecture notes, and links to material in the table below.

Week 4

Guest lecturers for Week 4: Dr Dimitrios Vavylonis (Lehigh University)
Link to Material

Dates Topics Rough Notes Other Material Lecture
May 22-25 Dimitrios Vavylonis Lectures
Lecture Notes See MathTube
May 22-25 Keshet Lectures
Lecture 13
Lecture 14a
Lecture 14b
Lecture 15
See MathTube
May 22-25 Cell Polarization Here Slides
May 22-25 Hans Meinhardt
Cell Orientation
Link to site
May 22-25 Links to
Cell Shape papers
Bottino et al
Herant Dembo 3D
Maree et al (2012)
Rubinstein, Mogilner Movie 1 and Movie 2
Hecht et al 2011
May 22-25 Traveling Waves (RD) Here Slides Traveling waves 1 (7:02 min)
Travelling Waves 2 (4:11 min)
May 22-25 Wave Pinning Here Slides WP:Derivation of eqs (5:49 min)
WP:Explanation (10:00min)

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