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An introduction to mathematical proof

Free web and pdf textbook

PLP is a free open-source textbook for a first course in mathematical proof written by Seckin Demirbas and Andrew Rechnitzer. The text grew out of lecture notes written while teaching Mathematics 220 at the UBC. Additional problems contributed by Hannah Kohut and Charlotte Trainor, but we should also acknowledge the various colleagues who have taught 220 over the years.

Much of the style of this text comes from the CLP textbook project. Indeed the text shares many of the same motivations, namely the ever rising cost of textbooks. For various reasons we have christened this text “PLP” - none of those reasons can be found here.

HTML, PDF, Slides and Videos

The text is available both as

We also give lecture slides, videos and worksheets, though these are tuned to the teaching of Mathematics 220 at UBC.

If you are not at UBC, but are using this text please send an email to or - we’d love to hear from you.

Seckin + Andrew - August 2023