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International Conference on Mathematical Biology and

Annual Meeting of The Society for Mathematical Biology,

July 27-30, 2009

University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Important information for participants

This web page will be used for important updates. Check back frequently.

Locations and arrivals

  1. See this annotated campus map for conference locations on campus.

  2. To pick up your participant packet and check on updates, go to the registration table. This will be available at the opening reception at Sage Bistro from 7pm-9pm on Sunday, July 26th, and then in the Woodward lobby from 8am on Monday, July 27th. Helpers at the on-site registration and support table will be available to answer questions and help you out.

  3. Talks will take place in three buildings: Woodward, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Friedman. Plenary talks will take place in Woodward 2 and all posters and coffee breaks will be in Woodward lobby.

  4. Poster presenters in session A (Monday) should put up their posters any time on Monday and take them down by 6pm on Tuesday. Session B (Wednesday) presenters should put their posters up on Wednesday and take them down by 1pm on Thursday.

Technical information on talks and posters

  1. Posters need to fit within a 48 inch (122cm) square. Please bring pins or poster tape to attach your poster to the board. The poster spots will be numbered 1-60. Make sure you put your poster in the spot corresponding to your poster number (two posters will fit on each side of each board).

  2. All the lecture rooms have a data projector, overhead projector and blackboard or whiteboard. You are encouraged to test-drive your presentation ahead of time during a break in the schedule. Contact the registration desk if you have problems.

  3. Contributed talks are scheduled for 15mins plus 5mins for questions; minisymposia talks are scheduled for 25mins plus 5mins; plenaries are scheduled for 40mins plus 5mins. Please time your talk carefully to allow discussion and questions. We will ask that the session chairs pay particular attention to maintaining punctuality and discussion time.

  4. Thanks to generous sponsorship from Taylor and Francis, prizes will be awarded to the best poster presenters. We ask that poster presenters be available at their poster during the first hour of the session so that they can talk to the poster judges.

Banquet information

  1. The banquet will be held in the Life Sciences Centre (see map linked above). The cash bar opens at 7pm and the food (buffet style) will be served at 7.45pm. No formal presentations, speeches or lectures are planned for the banquet.

Where do I get lunch?

  1. Try the Student Union Building (main floor and basement) for a range of options. See map. Or the off-campus options at the university village area (just east of the intersection of University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall).