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International Conference on Mathematical Biology and

Annual Meeting of The Society for Mathematical Biology,

July 27-30, 2009

University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Schedule corrections and changes from the USB version (last update 26 July)

Note: All changes listed below are incorporated in the online schedule. This list is of differences between the schedule on the USB memory stick that will be distributed at the meeting and the up to date online schedule.

    Presenter changes

  1. Session MSA4 (Malaria): Nakul Chitnis withdrawn; replaced by Jeremy Thibodeaux.
  2. Session CTC7 (Non-human disease and ants) Eli Goldwyn withdrawn; replaced by Bob Planque.
  3. Session MSD1 (Dynamics of Vector-Borne Disease Control) Lourdes Esteva's talk will be given instead by Hyun Mo Yang.
  4. Session MSD5 (Oncology) Kristin Swanson's talk will be given instead by Russ Rockne.
  5. Poster session: Bernard Cazelles switched to poster session B (now PS23B).
  6. Session CTD7 (Systems biology) Chang-Heong Lee withdrawn; replaced by Rachel Bearon.
  7. Title of CTF6 changed to "Vector-borne diseases and cardiac electrophysiology".
  8. Session CTF6 (Vector-borne disease and cardiac electrophysiology) Cristobal Vargas withdrawn; replaced by Laura Miller.
  9. Session MSG3 (Oncology): Maryam Rouhani withdrawn; replaced by Mohammad Kohandel. Simon Hayward withdrawn; replaced by David Basanta.
  10. Session MSH2 (Oncology) Kristin Swanson's talk will be given instead by Gargi Chakraborty.
  11. Session MSH2 (Oncology) Philip Maini's talk is cancelled.
  12. Session CTH4 (Epidemiology and Ecology) Gustavo Cruz-Pacheco withdrawn; replaced by Dobromir Dmitrov.
  13. Session CTH4 (Epidemiology and Ecology) The last talk (Glenn Ledder) is cancelled.

    Location changes

  14. Location of opening reception: will be in Sage Bistro.
  15. Session CTB7 (Epidemiology): will be in Woodward G57/59 (not CHBE 101).

    Sponsorship changes

  16. MITACS sponsorship confirmed for SI3 (MITACS session).

    Poster withdrawals and changes

  17. Nandadulal Bairagi (PS04A) withdrawn.
  18. Rachel Bearon (PS06A) is now in session CTD7.
  19. Kalyan Das (PS20A) withdrawn.
  20. Dobromir Dmitrov (PS23A) is now in session CTH4.
  21. Ayari Fuentes Hernandez (PS34A) withdrawn.
  22. Jose Garcia (PS38A) withdrawn.
  23. Yeona Kang (PS52A) withdrawn.
  24. Irina Kareva (PS53A) withdrawn.
  25. Laura Miller (PS12B) is now in session CTF6.
  26. Justin Muganga (PS17B) withdrawn.
  27. Caitlin Spilinek (PS40B) withdrawn.
  28. Jeremy Thibodeaux (PS47B) is now in session MSA4.
  29. Radouane Yafia poster (PS54B) withdrawn.
  30. Ruijun Zhao (PS60B) withdrawn.

    Updated titles and abstracts

  31. Omer Dushek (MSA1a)
  32. Laura Miller (CTF6c)