Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Homework assignments:

  • Homework and activities for Week 1 Set 1
  • Homework and activities for Week 1 Set 2

Lectures and Course Material

You can find the topics covered, lecture notes, and links to material in the table below.

Here is some reference material with some further details on topics covered this week. Course Notes

Week 1

Dates Topics Rough Notes Other Material Lecture
May 1-4 Keshet Lectures
Lecture 1 (May 1)
Lecture 2 (May 2)
Lecture 3 (May 3)
Lecture 4 (May 4)
See MathTube
May 1 Introduction Introductory movies:
The Inner Life of a cell
(Harvard animation)
Keratocyte dance
John Bonner's slime mould movies
Crawling Neutrophil Chasing a Bacterium
Neutrophil Chemotaxis
Cell migration in zebrafish
Zebrafish Digital Embryo
Slime mold waltz (9:22 min)
See MathTube Lecture 1
May 1-4 XPP Tutorials XPP ode files:
Prerecorded (YouTube) Tutorials:
XPP tutorial (1) (3:41 min)
XPP tutorial (2) (5:28 min)
XPP tutorial (3) (5:51 min)
XPP tutorial (4) (5:42 min)
XPP Tutorial (5) (6:55 min) NEW!
May 2 Introduction

Biochemical Motifs
Here Slides:
Intro to Biochemical models
Biochemical Motifs 1
Biochemical Motifs 2
Biochemical Motifs 2.5
Biochemical Motifs 3
Prerecorded (YouTube) Lectures:
Intro to Biochemical models (8:17 min)
Biochemical Motifs 1 (8 min)
Biochemical Motifs 2 (5:12 min)
Biochemical Motifs 2.5 (5:09 min)
Biochemical Motifs 3 (3:48 min)
May 1-4 GTPases
and cell signalling
Biochemical Motifs 4 (Kholodenko)
Biochemical Motifs 5 (Kholodenko)
ode files for XPP:
Prerecorded (YouTube) Lectures:
Biochemical Motifs 4 (Kholodenko) (6:33 min)
Biochemical Motifs 5 (Kholodenko) (6:25 min)

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