Math 100: Calculus I
Section 105

Fall Term 2010
Lior Silberman

General Information

This is the page for information specific to my section; don't forget to also check the course-wide website.

Problem Sets

Print the cover sheet for the problem set and use it as a cover sheet for your solutions. Please write the first and last names which appear in the university records to help the grader enter your grades in the system.

Solutions are posted on the Vista page for the course.

  1. Problem Set 1, due 17/9/10.
  2. Problem Set 2 (clarification added), due 25/10/10
  3. Problem Set 3, due 3/11/10
  4. Problem Set 4 (problem 5 corrected), due 17/11/10
  5. Problem Set 5, due 29/11/10

Midterm II

Midterm I

  • Classes: MWF 2-3pm (MATH 100)
  • Textbook:
    Stewart, Calculus (Early Transcendentals), 6th edition;
    Stewart, Single-Variable Calculus (Early Transcendentals), 6th edition.
    There are two variants of this book ("Calculus" or "Single-variable Calculus"), and both are acceptable. You must have the textbook itself, and you should probably also have the "Student Solutions Manual". The "Single-variable" version includes only the material for first-year calculus (MATH 100 and 101 or equivalent); the other version also includes material for what's known as "Multi-variable" calculus, and you will need it for second-year calulus courses. The bookstore sells a package with the textbook, the solutions manual, and additional materials which are nice to have but not required. See also the discussion on the course-wide website.
  • The Syllabus (PDF).

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