Dr. Neil Balmforth

Sand ripples, snails and more:

Some other problems I have worked on include the dynamics of aeolian sand ripples, fluid and granular washboard patterns, and lubrication theory applied to the locomotion of snails and the rocking and rolling of a magic trick (the snailball).

Details of the robotic version of the theoretical snails can be found on the webpage of Peko Hosoi.

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Sand ripples
(photograph by Antonello Provenzale)
Waves on a snail's foot
(evident are the contraction waves propagating forwards on the central portion of the snail's foot)
The snailball magic trick
(a metal shell filled with a viscous fluid and a heavy sphere)
Dynamics of aeolian sand ripples
Washboard patterns
Washboard patterns (movie)
Snail lubrication theory
More slug theory
Swimming in mud
Snailballs and more
Rolling rucks
Rolling over a pool

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