Teacher Talk.

This not a treatise on the elusive art of teaching but a collection of texts I composed in an effort to explain something. Since I work at the university, most of it is in the form of lecture notes. Over the years, I have produced many pages of TeX, and some of the more coherent of these will be found here as pdf-files. One of the oldest (September 1988) is about the Prime Number Theorem. Other examples will follow as soon as I get around to organizing these pages.

My more recent interest in teacher training will show up partly in the same form (from the old Math 335) but mainly in an on-going production of html-documents. The only examples I can offer so far are some chapters of a geometry primer in statu nascendi:

as well as a web-page about The Rose and the Nautilus and the pdf-file
A Look at the Conference Logo inspired by the image below.