Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Homework assignments:

  • Homework and activities for Week 3: Set 1 will be based on the HW problems on the site for Jun Allard's Material

  • NEW! Here is Set 2

Lectures and Course Material

You can find the topics covered, lecture notes, and links to material in the table below.

Here is some reference material with some further details on topics covered on week 1 and few topics from week 2. Course Notes

Week 3

Guest lecturers for Week 3: Dr. Raibatak (Dodo) Das and Dr William (Bill) R Holmes (Dept of Mathematics, UBC).
Link to Bill's Material

Dates Topics Rough Notes Other Material Lecture
May 14-18 Dodo Das Lectures
Slides Lecture 1
Slides Lecture 2
Slides Lecture 3
Slides Lecture 4
Matlab Files:
NonlinearRegressionMakeDat.m Hill.m
Data Files:
See MathTube
May 14-18 Holmes Lectures
Bill's Material See MathTube
May 14-18 Keshet Lectures
Lecture 10
Lecture 11
Lecture 12
See MathTube
May 14-18 Morphogenesis
Early divisions
Complete sequence
Wieschaus iBioSem 1
May 14-18 Stability Analysis Here
May 14-18 Pattern Formation (RD) Here SchnakenRD.ode
Overview: reaction-diffusion equations and Turing patterns (5:21 min)
Detailed Calculations (Turing LSA) (8:56 min)
XPP RD system integration (3:34 min)
May 14-18 Chemotaxis:
Keller-Segel Model
Nonlocal model
(1) Keller-Segel Chemotaxis model (7:49 min)
(2) Nonlocal chemotaxis model (5:49 min)

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