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International Conference on Mathematical Biology and

Annual Meeting of The Society for Mathematical Biology,

July 27-30, 2009

University of British Columbia, Vancouver



MSE1Woodward 1;   10:15 am - 12:15 pm, July 29
TitleApplication of control theory to infectious disease modeling
OrganizersElsa Hansen
Queen's University
Troy Day
Queen's University
Speaker 1Zhilan Feng
Purdue University
Control and Prevention Strategies for the Spread of Influenza
Speaker 2Christopher Bowman
National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Biodiagnostics
Optimal Control for an Influenza Pandemic
Speaker 3Elsa Hansen
Queen's University
Characterizing the Effect of Emerging Resistance on the Optimal Treatment Strategy
Speaker 4Suzanne Lenhart
University of Tennessee
Optimal Control in Epidemic Models of Rabies in Raccoons

-- Minisymposium talks are scheduled for 30 min each, including time for questions.