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International Conference on Mathematical Biology and

Annual Meeting of The Society for Mathematical Biology,

July 27-30, 2009

University of British Columbia, Vancouver



Zhilan Feng
Purdue University
Title Control and Prevention Strategies for the Spread of Influenza
Abstract Vaccination and antiviral treatment are two important prevention and control measures for the spread of influenza. However, the benefit of antiviral use can be compromised if drug-resistant strains arise, leading to an increase in epidemic size with a higher level of treatment. Using a mathematical model we explore the impact of the vaccination and antiviral treatment on the transmission dynamics of influenza. The model includes both drug-sensitive and -resistant strains. Analytical and numerical results of the model show that the the conventional quantity for the control reproduction number is not appropriate to use for gaining insights into the disease dynamics. We derive a new reproduction number by considering multiple infection generations, and demonstrate that this new reproduction number provides a more reasonable measure for evaluating control programs and identifying optimal control strategies.
LocationWoodward 1