Math 121, Section 201 - Honours Integral Calculus - Spring 2016

Instructor: Malabika Pramanik
Office: 214 Mathematics Building
E-mail: malabika AT math DOT ubc DOT ca
Lectures: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 2:00 to 3:00 PM in Room 104 Mathematics.
Instructor office hours: Wed, Fri 12:15-1:15 or by appointment.
TA : Fan Bai
TA email : baifan AT math DOT ubc DOT ca
TA office hours : Thurs 12-1pm in Auditorium Annex 121.

Course information and class handouts

The first day handout .

Piazza links

Piazza is a free, online question-and-answer platform for classes where you can ask questions to and receive answers from your classmates, anonymously if you wish, with some guidance from intructors. Use the signup link below to access Piazza. You will need a UBC email address for this.

Week-by-week course outline

Here is a rough guideline of the course structure, arranged by week. The textbook sections are mentioned as a reference and as a reading guide. The treatment of these topics in lecture may vary somewhat from that of the text.

Depending on our actual progress in class, the weekly schedule may undergo minor adjustments. Stay tuned.

Weekly practice problems will be posted here.


Webwork practice problems

The link below contains online practice problem sets from a previous offering of the course. These are intended to supplement the practice problems from the textbook that are posted on this site. The problems, which allow unlimited attempts and have correct answers available, are not part of your weekly homework assignment and will not be graded. You can use these to test your understanding of certain concepts and also for exam preparation.

Midterms and exams