Algebraic Topology

Math 427/527

Winter 2023

This course covers some essential elements of algebraic topology. It has, very broadly, two parts:

Part 1: Homology

Part 2: Cohomology

With a little luck, the split into parts will coincide with the reading break.

Everything you need for the course is here. To see what this course looked like the last time I taught it, go here.

Please note that Math 426 (or similar) is an essential prerequisite. In particular, familiarity with the fundamental group will be assumed.

As has become the new normal, it remains possible that flexibility will be required. I will use your official UBC email to contact you where needed. Ensure that your official email is up-to-date (namely, that you actually receive/read emails from your official email) at the Student Service Centre.

The image on the right was borrowed from the essay On the Cohomology of Impossible Figures by Roger Penrose.

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