Math 538: Algebraic Number Theory

This course is a PIMS Network Course and is also open to the public

Spring Term 2024
Lior Silberman

General Information


  1. Lang, Algebraic Number Theory, available from SpringerLink
  2. Neukirch, Algebraic Number Theory, available from SpringerLink
  3. [Your favorite author], Algebraic Number Theoery

Problem Sets

  1. Problem Set 1 (due 16/2/2024)
  2. Problem Set 2 (due 16/2/2024)

For your edification

Lecture-by-Lecture information

Warning: the following information is tentative and subject to change at any time

Chapter Week Date Material In-class Notes
Intro 1 W 10/1 Introduction Scan  
F 12/1 Lamé's mistake Scan  
Rings of
2 W 17/1 Algebraic integers Scan  
F 19/1 Unique Factorization Scan  
3 W 24/1 Primes in extensions Scan  
F 26/1 (continued) Scan  
4 W 31/1 Absolute values Scan  
F 2/2 Completions and p Scan  
5 W 7/2 Complete fields Scan  
F 9/2 (continued) Scan  
6 W 14/2 Ramification Scan  
F 16/2 (continued) Scan  
Feb 19-23 UBC Winter break
7 W 28/2 Places of number fields Scan  
F 1/3 (continued) Scan  
Ramification 8 W 6/3 Duality and the different Scan  
F 8/3 (continued) Scan  
9 W 13/3 The discriminant Scan  
F 15/3 Cyclotomic fields Scan  
of Numbers
10 W 20/3 Lattices Scan  
F 22/3 Discriminant bounds Scan  
11 W 27/3 Finiteness of the classgroup
Dirichlet's Unit Theorem
F 29/3 Good Friday -- no class
L-functions 12 W 3/4 Smooth sums Scan  
F 5/4 Analytical continuoation    
13 W 10/4 The Dedekindzetafunction    
F 12/4 Some generalizations    

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