Math 100: Differential Calculus with Applications
Sections 1A1 & 1A3

Fall Term 2023
Lior Silberman

General Information

This is the page for information specific to sections 1A1 and 1A3 of MATH 100; See the Canvas page for course-wide information (assessments, course policies, and the like) including the link to the online homework (WeBWorK).

Additional resources

Do not contact the instructor by email unless the avenues below have failed
  1. General questions about the course (course material, math questions, questions about the syllabus or course policies, etc) are best asked on the Piazza discussion forum (your instructor will be active there).
  2. Requests about your personal case (grading issues, exemptions, group changes, etc) should be made to the course assistant through the Calculus Contact Form.
  3. The Math Learning Centre is open Monday through Friday.
  4. Here are some Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics. Avoiding these common pitfalls will improve your grade measurably.

Course Schedule

Ahead of each class you must read the relevant section from a textbook of your choice. For weeks 2-7 the quoted section numbers are for the recommended CLP-1 textbook; corresponding section numbers in a few other textbooks (refs [2,5,6,10] below) may be found in this coordination table. For weeks 1,8,9 there is also reading from the book [7] below; for weeks 10,11 the suggested reading is from the book [2]. Suggested problems for each lecture are from the same book as the suggested reading (CLP and OIL have a separate problem book but it is available at the same link).

Warning: the following information is tentative and subject to change at any time

Week Date Material Reading Worksheet Document
Suggested practice Notes
0 Video Welcome & Motivation Slides      
1 W 6/9 Asymptotics Keshet Ch. 1 WS 1, Soln 1A1 1A3    
2 W 13/9 Limits
§1.5, §3.6.1
WS 2, Soln 1A1 1A3 §1.3 Q1-17
§1.5 Q1-8,13-15,17-19,27
§3.6.1 Q1,4,6
Evalute limits in suggested problems using asymptotic thinking
3 W 20/9 Derivatives
Linear approximation
WS 3, Soln 1A1 1A3 §2.2 Q1-5,9,10,12,18,26
§2.3 Q1-7
§3.4.2 Q1,5
4 W 27/9 Calculating derivatives §2.4 WS 4, Soln 1A1 1A3 §2.4 Q7-10,13,15,16  
5 W 4/10 The Chain Rule
Implicit Differentiation
WS 5, Soln   §2.9 Q1-30
§2.10 Q2,4-6,8-19,21-31
6 W 11/10 Logarithmic Differentiation
Inverse Trig
WS 6, Soln   §2.11 Q4-15
§2.11 Q6,7,9
7 W 18/10 Curve sketching §3.6 WS 6, Soln   §3.6.3 Q1-4; §3.6.6 Q1-10 Curve Sketching Notes
8 W 25/10 Higher degree approximation §3.4 WS 8, Soln   §3.4.4 Q1-3; §3.4.5 Q1,2,5,6,9,10  
9 W 1/11 Optimization §3.5 WS 9, Soln   §3.5.1 Q1-7
§3.5.2 Q2,4,5
§3.5.2 Q1-15
Related rates/Optimization Advice
10 W 8/11 Differential Equations CLP §3.3
Keshet §12.1, Ch. 13
WS 10, Soln   §3.3.1 Q1-5; §3.3.2: Q1,4,9
§3.3.3 Q1-6; §3.3.4: Q1,2,4-8
11 Video
Th 16/11
Numerical Computation:
Euler's Method
Newton's Method
Keshet §12.3
CLP Appendix C
    Q 12.25, 12.26, 12.27  
12 W 22/11 Multivariable sketching
Multivariable differentiation
OIL §§1.1-3
OIL §§2.1-2
WS 12, Soln   §1.1 Q1; §1.2 Q4-5
§2.1 Q1-4; §2.2 1-6
13 W 29/11 Multivariable optimization OIL §§2.3-5 WS 13, Soln   §2.3 Q1-17 (do not classify critical points)
§2.4 Q1-11,13; §2.5 Q1-19
  TBA Final Exam Good luck!


  1. Ayers, Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Differential and Integral Calculus.
  2. Belevan, Hamidi, Malhotra, and Yaeger, Optimal, Integral, Likely.
  3. Boelkins, Austin and Schlicker, Active Calculus.
  4. Feldman, Rechnitzer, and Yaeger, CLP-1 Differential Calculus textbook (see also the associated problem book)
  5. Fowler and Snapp, Mooculus.
  6. Hartman et al, APEX Calculus.
  7. Keshet, Differential Calculus for the Life Sciences.
  8. Mendelson, Schaum's Outline of Calculus.
  9. Spiegel and Moyer, Schaum's Outline of College Algebra.
  10. Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals.

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