MATH 223 Linear Algebra.

MATH 223. Linear Algebra.

Section 201, Instructor: Julia Gordon.

Where: CHEM C 126.
When: MWF 10-11am.
My office: Math 217.
e-mail: gor at math dot ubc dot ca
Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:30pm, Wednesday 12-1pm at MATH 217, and Fridays 6-7pm on zoom (the link posted on Canvas under "annnouncements").
TA: Yuve; Yuve's office hour: Thursdays 4-6pm (between 2 and 4pm also fine) in Math 104.


Review materials for the final exam:


There will be weekly homework assignments, posted here every Saturday, and due the following Monday at 11:59pm on Canvas.
The solutions will be on Canvas, under "Files".

Detailed Course outline

Short descriptions of each lecture and relevant additional references will be posted here as we progress. All section numbers refer to Janisch.