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Essays on representations and automorphic forms by Bill Casselman

These are a series of relatively short and self-contained essays.

p-adic groups

  • Notes on the tree of SL(2) and its applications in analysis. Started out as informal notes to accompany a talk on the Fundamental Lemma for SL(2) at TIFR, February 2009.
  • Introduction to representations of p-adic groups. New version of old notes. Appearing slowly.
  • Notes on spherical functions.
      Written to accompany a reprinting of Ian Macdonald's book on spherical functions on a p-adic group, originally published in Madras and difficult to locate. The book will indeed be reprinted in Springer's series of Lecture Notes in Mathematics, but with no contribution from me.
  • Characters as distributions
  • Quadratic forms over kocal fields
  • Local quadratic reciprocity
  • Self-duality of local fields
  • The structure of GL(N)

    Real groups

    Automorphic forms

    Root systems

    Coxeter groups

    Real analysis

    Topological vector spaces and linear operators


    Quadratic forms

    Mathematical astronomy


    Algebraic number theory